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Organic Angel Oysters Oyster Heaven Angel Oysters Organic Angel Oysters Oyster Heaven Angel Oysters

Certified Organic Angel Oysters

We believe if we look after our Oyster Heaven it will look after us. We are privileged to enjoy farming in a way that respects the bay.

It is exciting to know that our environmental passion is translated into practical innovations. Simple solutions like changing our infrastructure from traditional methods to the new adjustable long-line system has massively increased water flow throughout our farms. Our impact on the sea bed has been dramatically reduced allowing the sea grasses to regrow and rejuvenate. Production line techniques are aligned and certified within organic status to ensure Angel’s Oyster products are packaged within the NASAA standards. Efficiencies in our growing techniques result in a stronger, healthier oyster that translates to a longer life after harvest.

Organic certification provides a competitive edge as the customer has the satisfaction, peace-of- mind and enjoyment, knowing our products are free from being genetically modified or biologically enhanced in any way.

Organic oysters are ‘100% traced’ from spat, throughout their life’s history on our organic farms, through to their destination and your product line. We can account for every oyster and where it has been.

Angel’s comply with rigorous audits to ensure organic status is maintained, ensuring our customer’s competitive advantage stays strong.

“Organic certification” is acknowledgement of the work that Angel’s have done to produce oysters in the most sustainable way possible.

Oyster Heaven Angel Oysters


Diners are assured oysters have minimal impact on the environment and are one of the most sustainable seafood choices.

There are no foods or chemicals added to the water.

The very process of oysters feeding helps maintain nutrient levels and sustainability in the ocean.

Angel Oysters has been approved as Friend of the Sea certified for Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas) farmed in the waters of Smoky Bay.

From an environmental perspective, we conduct a responsible farming operation which complies with the highly regarded Friend of the Sea standard. An adjustable long-line system has been implemented in order to monitor the water flow throughout the farms. The impact on the sea bed is negligible allowing the sea grasses to regrow and rejuvenate.

An efficient traceability system is in place, so that oysters are fully traced from spat, throughout their life’s history on the company’s farms, to their destination and the product line.

The company holds the eco-label NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia) Certified Organic and it implements ongoing improvements to infrastructure related to recycled posts and baskets.

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Friend of the Sea
Friend of the Sea is an international certification program for products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Over 400 companies in more than 50 countries have relied on Friend of the Sea to assess the sustainability of their seafood products. Audits are undertaken by internationally recognized independent certification bodies utilizing the most current scientific data.


Sustainable Oysters

Sustainable Oysters


Award Winning Other people love our Angels too!

Oyster Heaven Angel Oysters Award

August 2013
1st place for best commercial dozen oysters for the South Australian
Oyster Growers Association.

Oyster Heaven Angel Oysters Award

Silver in the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.

Oyster Heaven Angel Oysters Award

Silver and 2 Bronze in the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.

Oyster Heaven Angel Oysters

Smoky bay, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia


“Oyster Heaven” is remote – 380km from the closest traffic lights!

Nestled in arguably the most pristine of Australian oyster-growing water, Smoky Bay is a coastal hamlet on the South Australian Eyre Peninsular with only 187 population located between Streaky Bay and Ceduna.

Efficient refrigerated transport provides quick delivery for air or national distribution of our delicious products.

Smoky Bay Angel Oysters

Jetty Location

Oyster Heaven Angel Oysters

Our Story

Since our family purchased the business in 2010, Angel’s has developed rapidly from a traditional oyster-growing business into an organically certified premium producer located in the pristine waters of Smoky Bay. After considering all options our focus became producing top-quality products without compromise, and servicing our customers beyond expectation.

That meant WORK – big-time!

In between bringing two children, Reef and Ocean, into the world and developing our business, the last few years have been a busy and productive time for our family. The positive response to our first crop of oysters, grown to exacting specifications, was both amazing and surprising – we learnt so much about how and why we do what we do and became highly motivated.

The satisfaction from growing premium oysters from our ‘oyster heaven’ was then propelled by the success of our first entry in the Australian National Oyster Competition where we found ourselves on the podium for 2nd prize. It didn’t take long to be convinced that quality is our number one focus and that we were on to something special.

However, growing a premium product was only half the job. We then focused on customer service, gaining organic certification to signal our adherence to best-industry standards and growing practices and packaging. Organic certification for Angel’s was an industry first in Australia –maybe the world! We were pumped!

It was another motivating shot in the arm to become aware Angel’s Organic South Australian oysters from our Smoky Bay ‘oyster heaven’ were being served in five-star hotels in Hong Kong.
We now supply premium Australian restaurants, including the 2014 South Australian Restaurant of the Year.

In our expansion plans, we launched new leases and seeded the young spat in consultation with a premium Tasmanian grower and developed with the wish specification of our customers.

The culmination of all our learning over the past four years was rewarded when we were once again on the podium to receive a gold medal from the South Australian Oyster Growers Association for the finest dozen oysters for 2013.

Our Story Angel Oysters

Our Story Angel Oysters


Bring Angels into your kitchen for a competitive advantage

Angel’s premium platinum hand-picked oysters are grown especially for the elite restaurants seeking that special oyster. First-prize industry awards testify to the quality of Angel’s oysters.

Our selection process ensures we deliver the finest produce, enabling you to present the finest dish.


Many restaurant diners will appreciate that Angel’s oysters are organically certified, ensuring this one factor alone could ensure repeat and recommended business.


Angel’s Oysters undergo annual audits through the South Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program, ensuring restaurants can offer sustainable seafood to discerning customers fine dining experience.


Angel’s deliver a plated ‘wow’. Our growing techniques focus on delivering a balanced look of ‘just out of the sea’, and attractive appearance.


Our commitment to our customer co-operation extends to the agreed supply of the size, seasonal or ‘promotion demand’ requirements. Your Angel Platinum’s are pre-chilled and packed into convenient non-leak cartons to ensure maximum quality and shelf-life.

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Angel Oysters Restaurants

Angel Oysters Restaurants

Oyster Heaven Angel Oysters


Bring Angels into your country

Pacific – Crassostrea Gigas
Angasi – Ostrea Angasi


Angel’s premium grades of oysters are grown especially in ‘Oyster Heaven’ for the elite export markets seeking that special oyster. First-prize industry awards testify to the quality of Angel’s oysters. Angels are experts in customising product options to suit our most discerning customers.


As 55% of our production is exported from Australia, we are highly experienced in the timely harvesting, packaging and transportation of premium quality oysters to our import partners.
Angel’s is committed ‘to satisfy beyond expectation’, delivering a superior product and service no matter the distance.


Angel’s operate automated sorting machines to ensure a dedicated selection process that provides within 1mm accuracy of a nominated size. Angel’s innovative growing techniques allow us to naturally rumble your oysters before harvest to give a clean look and maximum shelf life.


Your competitive advantage

Angel’s oysters are organically certified from pristine waters. The current market trend for ‘clean food’ opens opportunities for the health conscious and those in pollution-sensitive regions.
Presentation is paramount for a visual ‘wow’. Angel’s focus on delivering a balanced look of ‘just out of the sea’ and attractive appearance.


90-100mm, 80-90mm, 70-80mm, 60-70mm, 50-60mm.



Your Angel’s product is pre-chilled before being packed into polystyrene cartons in approved conditions with documented quality assurance systems in place. This ensures best temperature for maximum quality and shelf-life.

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Angel Oysters Export

Angel Oysters Export

Oyster Heaven Angel Oysters


Bring Angels into your product line

Pacific – Crassostrea Gigas
Angasi – Ostrea Angasi


Premium grades of Angel oysters are grown especially for the elite markets seeking that special oyster. First-prize Industry awards testify to the quality of Angel’s oysters.


Angel’s commitment ‘to satisfy beyond expectation’ comes into focus when we have that special challenge to service your high-priority demand.
A dedicated selection process for quality and accurate sizing ensures we deliver the finest produce for promotion to your most discerning buyer.
Presentation is paramount for a visual, then taste ‘wow’. Angel’s focus on delivering a balanced look of ‘just out of the sea’, and attractive appearance.


Organic certification over our entire range provides our distributors with a competitive advantage others are unable to offer.
The market trend for clean food opens new opportunities for our customers servicing this niche demand, while organic certification helps ensure repeat business.


Standard 70-80mm
Buffet 60-70mm
Bistro 50-60mm


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